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Storm Preparation - Yard

Anything loose is going to become a flying projectile, smashing into windows, the car, the roof....secure all that loose stuff!

Trees - Trim any branches that might strike the house when the trees start blowing in a strong wind. Clear out dead wood - it will break off and start flying around dangerously. If you have a tree that could fall on the house you might want to take it down now while you can control where it lands.

Plants - I have a lot of plants in ceramic pots. To protect both the plants and the windows I put a plastic sheet down in the bedroom and bring potted plants indoors. The other plants are on their own, but they do pretty well - most of the time.

Tools and Toys - Pick up all rakes, shovels, tricycles, bicycles... anything you can pick up, so can a hurricane. Put everything in the shed or garage. Don't forget the trash cans.

Windows - Permanent shutters are best, plywood sheets will work. Lacking that, put strips of masking tape on the glass to give it a little more flex. If something breaks the glass the tape will help hold the pieces together rather than letting it shatter and fly into the house. You may also want to cover the windows with blankets to catch flying debris.

Patio furniture - Put the lawn chairs into the shed or garage. If you have a swimming pool you can throw the plastic furniture into the water where it will sink safely beneath the water. You can retrieve it later.

Small boat - Wedge it into a protected corner of the yard and fill it with water - hopefully that will make it too heavy to fly.


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