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Rain Bubbles

If you go out-of-doors in Florida, you will eventually be rained upon. You might as well relax and enjoy it.

One day I got caught in a heavy downpour in a quiet spot on Crane Creek. I just sat there in my kayak holding an umbrella over my head, drinking coffee, and listening to my mp3 player and the rain on the water. It was fantastic!

Kayaking in Crane Creek

There was no thunder or lightning, no driving wind, and the morning was warm enough that the rain didn't feel cold. Just big, fat drops of rain falling straight down and washing all over me and everything else.

When the rain stopped the world was sparkling clean. The air smelled fresh and sweet. Leaves were bright green and sprinkled with diamonds. Tree trunks and branches were dark with moisture. The water was still again, except for drips of water falling from the trees.

Rain bubblesIf you find yourself in that position, turn off your music for a bit and listen to the rain bubbles. When big drops of rain fall into water, they make a "plink" or "plunk" sound as they hit. (The size of the raindrop will make a difference in tone.) When the drop strikes the water, it creates a little air bubble that then rises back to the surface with a soft "pop". Now think of many drops hitting the water and plinking and popping all at the same time - it sounds very musical!

The visual effect of the raindrops, bubbles and ripples is nice, too. It makes me think of the old Disney movie "Fantasia", with little fairy creatures dancing on the surface of the water.

Indian River Lagoon Map
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