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My Kayak on Crane Creek, Melbourne, Florida

As much as I love the St. Johns river, I had long been eager to explore other waterways. Meeting the Alligator Princess and hearing about her adventures made me want to get a kayak and try it too!

I looked for a second hand boat for over a year, but no one was letting them go. Now I know why! It is great to be able to throw a boat on top of a car and drive to new places to explore.

While searching for a boat, I also searched the internet for places to go kayaking, groups to join, types of boats...it has been a bit of work gathering information, so I'm going to try to share my findings with you here and maybe save you a little time.

Some of the information here will be specific to my location on the east coast of Florida, but I hope that a lot will be helpful (or at least entertaining!) to a more general group of boaters.

Check these pages for Helpful Links, Kayaking for Dummies, Product Reviews, and Trip Reports with maps and photos of the local waterways.

Leaking kayakYou can also find how to patch a leak in a kayak and build a kayak cart. I've had to learn these things the hard way, so I hope I can make it easier for you.

Got any clever ideas of your own you want to share? Please send them!

Some of this information is repeated on my other website DogsInBoats.com. Visit Dogs in Boats to see the photo galleries and submit your own photos!

Indian River Lagoon Map
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