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The St. Johns River The Intracoastal and Beyond
The Intracoastal

The InterCoastal Waterway
If you continue east past the St. Johns river you come to the Indian River lagoon system, which is part of the IntraCoastal waterway.

I had been calling it the InterCoastal Waterway, because that's just the way people around here talk. Well, actually it's more like "in'er" as in: "I went fishin' on the in'ercoastal this morning."

Of course, we incorrectly call Turkey Vultures by the name of Buzzard, too, so maybe we're just a bunch of hopeless hicks! ;-)

A couple of people wrote to point out my error, and I always appreciate a little help. (Well, maybe not so much the one poor guy who's education has exceeded his social skills and felt the need to get verbally abusive. It's just a website, dude - take a deep breath and get outside more!)

Anyway, to keep anyone else's head from exploding, I have corrected my error and promise to use the right word from now on.

Meanwhile, back to our story in progress....

The intracoastal lagoon and the seashore are quite different environments from the marsh, but beautiful and interesting in their own ways, with much different scenery and wildlife.

Even though I've lived most of my life in this town, I never spent too much time on the beaches or Indian River lagoon. Now I have a kayak and have started to explore different areas, and I'm loving it.

Check out Creeks and Rivers for kayaking information and photos of some beautiful kayaking spots!

Indian River Lagoon Map
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