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The St. Johns River The Intracoastal and Beyond
Sailing The IntraCoastal, continued

The InterCoastal is extremely shallow except for the narrow channel dug down the center. Since the sailboat has a 4 foot keel we needed to stay right in the channel to avoid running aground. Being in the middle of the river we didn't have much scenery to look at, just a few large landmarks like the VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building) at the Kennedy Space Center.
The VAB at the Kennedy Space Center
The Vehicle Assembly Building.

The day started out a little overcast, then started getting choppy. It didn't look like we would run into any thunderstorms, so we kept heading south. As the waters got rougher, Vivian appeared to be having less fun. When she smacked her head into the boom she definitely lost her enthusiasm for a little while.

Rusty & Vivian
Rusty at the wheel and Vivian hanging on with gritted teeth.

Rusty trying to light the grill.

Rusty tried to light the gas grill, but the wind was picking up and we had to munch fruit and crackers rather than eat our steaks. The water got rougher as a dark cloud moved towards the VAB.

Vivian - not happy.
As the water got rougher, Vivians smile became more strained.

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