About the Artist:

Peb Elliott began her training in the graphic arts as an Illustrator/Draftsman in the US Navy. During her tour of duty in Yokosuka, Japan, Peb was assigned as photographer/journalist/editor of the command newsletter and bought herself a Nikon 35mm camera.

Peb worked as an illustrator for the San Diego Unified School District before moving across country to return to her home town of Melbourne, Florida. She worked a variety of drafting, graphic and printing assignments while acquiring computer skills, then hired on with Lockheed Martin Space Operations at KSC.

Illustrations, graphics, charts, publications, proposals and databases were all included in Peb's workload, along with horrendously long hours. After 10 years with Lockheed, Peb took a voluntary layoff to start her own graphic design company Graphic Mac.

Graphic Mac is a small, woman owned, veteran owned, SDB and 8(a) certified company offering website design, maintenance and hosting, illustration, animation, photo enhancement, graphic design and publications.

Through the years Peb has kept her camera clicking, though now it is a digital camera rather than a 35mm Nikon. Airboating friends introduced her to the St. Johns river marsh, but now she and her best friend Judy ride the river in a small gheenoe - taking photos to use on her personal website: MarshBunny Notes.

The MarshBunny Notes is a website dedicated to photos and stories of the St. Johns River. Many of those photos are particularly beautiful and are now available as photographic prints, posters, t-shirts and graphics for your project or website.


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Photography by Peb

Hi, my name is Peb!

I love taking photographs while boating or hiking and I love creating graphics - what could be better than combining them both?

I've done that to a degree by writing The MarshBunny Notes - a collection of stories and photos of the St. Johns river.

Now I want to make some of my photos available to you.

Here are of some of my favorite photographs which may be purchased as prints or posters or as part of a custom graphic - or licensed for your own use.

See Graphic Mac Design Service for samples of posters, gifts, websites and graphic designs that we can create for you.

Visit the new online Real Florida Gifts Shop for products you may purchase or have printed with your favorite image - shirts, mugs, mousepads and much, MUCH more!

I hope you enjoy looking at my photos! Contact me with any questions you may have.

- Peb

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