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Here is The Mighty Airboater ("river rat") in his natural environment. An airboat consists of an aircraft engine (usually - sometimes a car engine is used) and aircraft propeller in a protective cage. The cage and seats are mounted on stands to raise the center of gravity, enabling the vehicle to skim over very shallow water.

The best trails will have only inches of water, but airboats can also go over dry ground for a distance, and they can travel on deep water, too. They can move just as fast sideways as forward, but being top-heavy, they tip over easily if handled poorly. Or if handled well, for that matter.

Airboaters are an important part of the marsh, keeping trails open and camps established, and providing access into otherwise inaccessable areas. They get to see some of the most beautiful natural scenery and wildlife in the world. They are a bit crazy, generally, but that only adds to their "Crocodile Dundee" charm.

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