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Airboats are great for frogging. You have to be able to travel through grassed up and shallow areas where the frogs live, and to be fast enough that you can approach the frog and gig him before he jumps into the water.

Grassy area
A large, grassy area good for frogging - probably why that 'gator likes it there.

Frog Chute
The white PVC pipe is a frog chute.
(The kid is my son, Jason).

While not overly fond of seeing frogs gigged, it's still a fascinating sight to watch a good frogger at work. He has to maneuver his airboat at a high speed in the dark with a headlamp attached to his forehead. When he spots his prey he uses his right foot to control acceleration of the boat, his left hand to steer it, his head to aim his light, and his right hand to use a long handled gig to spear the frogs. He scrapes the frog off the gig into the frog chute and stabs another one, all the while maintaining control of the boat. It's as beautiful as a ballet to see it done well.

The frog chute is a large PVC pipe leading from within reach of the gig to the bottom of the boat. A bag is attached to the bottom of the chute to catch all the frogs as they come sliding down. When you get back to town you take the sack of frogs and cut their hind legs off and skin them and throw the rest of the frog away.

All of this is quite unpleasant for the frog, but you can get $8 a pound for frog legs, you know!

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