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Motor Boats / Kicker Boats

Kicker-boats are restricted where they can go in the marsh. They have to have enough water to handle the size of the boat and of the motor they are using. Larger motors can sometimes chop their way through a patch of grass, but they must usually stay in the deepest, clearest water.

Some small kicker boats can be easily swamped by passing boats and are hard to paddle over shallow or grassy areas.

The advantage to a kicker boat is that you usually have room for passengers and can move about with some comfort.

Motor boats
A great variety of boats fall into the "kicker-boat" category...and some cross the line into other categories as well!
Boat with awning
A speedboat.
A not-so-speedy boat.
Casting nets
Fishing early in the morning.
Casting nets for armored catfish.
Where's the boat!?
My Gheenoe.

Go Devil on Gheenoe

The motor on this Gheenoe is what makes it so special. It's called a Go-Devil, and it practically turns your boat into an airboat! The long shaft reaches behind the boat, not down into the water, and enables the boat to skim over the grassiest marsh. The engine is air cooled rather than water cooled, which is great when you don't have enough water to run a regular motor.

I want one in the very worst way, but they are rather pricey. (Dear Santa, ..... )

Pontoon boats

Pontoon BoatPontoon boats are great party-boats for taking a group of friends out for the day. There is room to walk around, shade when you want it, and a very stable boat.

You can't take a pontoon boat into shallow water, so you are restricted on where you can go, but if what you want is to cruise and party, this is the boat to have!

Pontoon Boats

A variety of pontoon boats.

This was my houseboat many years ago. It was home-made (not by me) out of plywood. I spent many enjoyable weekends on this little boat.
This more traditional fiberglass houseboat has belonged to many different people on the river. A friend of mine had it for a while - nice party boat!
Houseboat at Camp Holly
The "Airhouse" has changed hands many times, too.

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