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The last time we tried to go to the airboat races we had a bad experience on the way and never made it to the race area at all. I thought it was a shame to have a site about the marsh and airboats and never have photos of the airboat races, so when I saw signs that there were to be races on Saturday I convinced Judy that we ought to go get a few pictures for the site. I hope you appreciate what I go through for you, gentle reader.

Airboats on the way to the races.
Airboats heading to the races.

The races are held on the Sarno Flats. Sarno Road goes through town, tapers off to a dirt road through marshy flatlands, then dead-ends into Lake Washington. A stand of Australian pines marks where the road ends.

The Sarno canal.
The Sarno canal.

There are canals on boths sides of the road. We went up the back canal first, but ran into a blockage of water hiacynth so we went around to the other canal...we were blocked even sooner there, so we came back. We parked the boat on the bank, thinking we could walk up the road to the races, but Judy saw how far it was and flatly refused to walk it.

The Gheenoe on the side of the Sarno canal.
The Sarno Road.
Ok, it did look like a bit of a hike...and it was a very hot day.

The Sarno canal.


We got back in the boat and, after pulling off to the side to let a dozen airboats go past, decided that they may have broken up the blockage enough for us to get through. We did make it, but it was an awful lot of work.

Judy was calling me some very bad names, and it didn't help when I lost my balance and fell. I didn't quite go overboard, but I did cause a lot of water to come into the boat. Judys shirt got wet and she called me some more bad names.

Intrepid Marshbunnies that we are, we continued on....


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