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Wallpaper for your Computer
Download and unzip the file and load it to your computer desktop to enjoy the beauty of Florida every day!
Middlefield2 Wallpaper
Jellyfish Wallpaper
Jelly Fish
Morning Surf Wallpaper
Morning Surf
Racoon Wallpaper
Racoon in Banana Tree
Great Blue Heron Wallpaper
Great Blue Heron
Sand Hill Crane Wallpaper
Sand Hill Crane

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River Maps
  Here are Hunt Maps and Regulations for Bayard, Dunns Creek, Emeralda Marsh, Ralph E. Simmons Memorial State Forest, Upper St. Johns River Marsh and Orange Creek Small-Game Hunting Area (SGA).
Here is a map of my area of the river, the Upper St. Johns River Marsh
This information is used with permission of the St. Johns River Water Management District.

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The St. Johns River Water Management District offers some wonderful FREE publications. Here you can find:

  • 12 Simple Ways to Save WaterActivity Sheets and Coloring/Activity Books
  • Brochures on Water Conservation
  • Recreation Guide to District Lands
  • Indian River Lagoon Newsletter
  • Flood Protection and Assistance
  • Fact Sheets
  • Posters
  • Videos

Some items are downloadable pdf files, and some you can order online. There are some great resourses for children available, and schoolteachers can find this very valuable. (Due to budget constraints they cannot supply free copies "in quantity" to anyone outside Florida, but there is a link to their production manager for additional information.)

There is some really super stuff here, check it out!!

This information is used with permission of the St. Johns River Water Management District.

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