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The St. Johns River The Intracoastal and Beyond
Landmarks on the St. Johns

This section of the St. Johns river has its own landmarks that have played a part in our local history and our enjoyment of the river.

Mosquito Island - A place to stop awhile or camp out overnight, we've had a lot of great times on this island!

Union Cypress Railway - Melbourne's earliest history was connected to the railway across the marsh.

Lake Sawgrass - A large lake that has to be crossed to head south on the river, this body of water is home to birds, fish, insects and plant life.

The Maples - Shady areas are rare and special in the marsh.

The Weather Station - The height of the dock on the weather station shows the ups and downs in water levels of the river.

The 192 Bridge - The bridge at SR192, our connection with the inland areas, has been rebuilt several times.

Sweetwater Family Resort - Once a busy, popular fish camp, Sweetwater is still home to me and my Gheenoe.

Camp Holly - We used to have some good times at Camp Holly!

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