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The Search for the Union Cypress Rail

Local historian Ed Vosatka collects artifacts of the Union Cypress Railway. He sets up displays in libraries and civic centers and gives talks about the old railway and its importance in the early history of Melbourne and the east-central Florida area.

Ed has some good historical souveniers of the railway, but he also wanted a rail. One time he hired an airboater to take him as far as possible by boat, and let me come along for the ride. When the boat could go no further we hiked along the levy. On the map below the blue line is where we rode the airboat and the green line is the path of our hike.

Roll your mouse over the numbers to see views along the old Union Cypress Railway.

Aerial view of our route

Maps courtesy of the USGS and http://www.terraserver.microsoft.com.

On that hike we found some cypress supports at a low spot (#10) and some cement supports (#11), but no rail.

Then one day Judy and I pulled up to Mosquito Island and the boat made a funny sound.

Grasses covered the water at the edge of the levy, but I gunned the outboard, then cut it off and kicked it up as we came sliding up onto the sand and weeds.

That usually works well and we just make a 'shoosh' sound as we come to a gentle stop, and we can get out without getting our feet wet.

This time, instead of a soft landing we heard a 'THUNK' and came to a sudden stop.

We had found a 16' rail from the old Union Cypress Railway.

...or it had found us.

Pulling into the island

the rail

We pulled the weeds away from a short piece of the thing we had hit, to find that it looked like a piece of the Union Cypress rail!

We really hoped no airboats would come flying in too fast and hit the rail, but we couldn't do much about it.

I was very excited to be able to go home and email Ed with the great news!

the rail

>>> Ed Inspects the Rail >>>

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