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Ed Inspects the Union Cypress Rail

Ed Vosatka, historian and expert on the Union Cypress Railway, was happy to hear about the piece of rail on Mosquito Island. He and I rode out in my Gheenoe to check out our find.
Ed clears the rail
Ed started clearing grass away to see how much rail we had.

I took Ed to the spot where Judy and I found the rail, and we were happy to see it was still there.

<<< Click the arrows
to see the unveiling
of the rail.


Once the rail
was exposed, the next question was:

"How are you going
to get this thing
out of the swamp?"

The exposed rail.
Ed Vosatka and a section of rail from the Union Cypress Railway.

Ed proposed some ideas involving airboats and inner tubes. I insisted he let me know when they were going to do that so I could have my camera ready.

>>> The Cutting of the Rail >>>

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