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Meet Your MarshBunny - Peb

PebHi, I'm Peb.

That's short for Pebbles - yeah, like on the Flintstones. I've been sharing stories about the river for a while, I guess I ought to introduce myself properly.

I'm a short, plump, totally average, middle aged, divorced-with-one-child woman, proud grandmother of one. And a MarshBunny, of course!

I served in the U.S. Navy during the Viet Nam era as an Illustrator/Draftsman, and I worked at the Kennedy Space Center for 10+ years as an Illustrator/Graphic Artist. I took a voluntary layoff in 1997 to start my own graphic design service, Graphic Mac.

PebLike many creative, intelligent, and not necessarily humble people I am somewhat of a split personality - the techie side of me loves doing graphics, photography, illustration, web design and working on my computer (well, that's a lie - I don't at all enjoy working ON my computer...I just enjoy doing work WITH my computer!), and the Native American/Earth Mother side of me likes exploring the river, watching wildlife, and being one with nature.

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