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Armored Catfish

Another one of those recipes that seems like more work than it's worth....

First you have to catch them. That's usually the hardest part of any meal on the marsh, unless you bring it from home in a cooler. Catch a lot of them, they're small.

Armored CatfishHere's what you do with them once you have them:

1. Cut off the head and fins and gut it.

2. Boil it. After boiling the skin will peel off.

3. Cook it up in a stew with salt, pepper and curry powder. The curry powder was stressed. Don't forget the curry powder.

Apparently they taste like crap unless you put in enough curry powder to kill the taste. I've never been ambitious enough to try them.

Someone else gave me another recipe for armored catfish that sounds much better.

1. Lay the fish on a hot grill and cook it for a short time, turning it once.

2. Peel the skin off

3. Lift the filet off each side.

Supposedly, they taste like lobster when prepared this way. I haven't tried it myself, but it sounds better than the curry recipe.


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