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Catfish or Alligator Nuggets

Clean the alligator. This presumes a lot of prior activity on your part. You have to find the 'gator, explain his position in the food chain to him, and haul his carcass back to camp. Works up an appetite.

Most people only use the tail, but the other meat is good, too. The best tail meat will come from a 4 - 5 foot gator. A 3-footer wouldn't be big enough to feed the camp, 6-10 footers tend to put up a bit of a fight, and over 10 foot he's probably tough and you'll want to grind the meat up.

Channel CatfishSkin and filet your catfish, setting aside the choice pieces for yourself. This is called "Chef's Priviledge" - if you're the one having to slave over the hot fire, you get to eat the best cuts. (Some people really favor the cheek meat from the catfish.)

Once again you will have worked up quite an appetite by having racked your line, caught bait, baited hooks, ran the line across the river and anchored it, then returned later to pull in the line with your catch.

From here on out the recipe is the same for catfish or gator:

1. Chop the meat into nuggets - about 2 inches square

2. Make marinade for soaking - if you are cooking a large amount you can just add to the liquids as you soak more batches.

In a large bowl or pot (big enough to soak a good portion of meat in) mix together:

1 beer

1-2 cups of milk

Louisianna Hot Sauce - amount will vary depending on how much beer has found it's way into the cook. As the evening goes on you may need to label trays of nuggets as "gettin' warm-ish", "hot", "damn hot" and "mmffffpp!" Salt and Pepper

Put the nuggets in the liquid and set in the refrigerator or ice chest to soak for at least 1/4 hour.

3. Heat deep pan of oil

4. Mix breading

Put the ingredients in a large brown paper or heavy plastic bag. Close the top of the bag and shake to mix ingredients.

Flour - maybe a cup of flour and 1/2 that of corn meal, depending on how much meat you have to coat. You may have to just add to the bag every few batches.

Corn Meal

Seasoning - I like to add "Everglade Seasoning" here, but season it to your taste. It won't take a lot...remember that Louisanna Hot Sauce?

Salt and Pepper

Take nuggets from the marinade and drop them, a handfull at a time, into the bag and shake to coat them thouroughly.

5. Drop coated nuggets into very hot oil. Cook to a golden brown - should only take a minute - then remove them from the oil and drain on newspapers or paper towels.

Yumm! Put some baked potatoes in the coals of the fire to go along with the nuggets or fry up some hushpuppies. You are ready to eat!


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