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Crawfish Boil

CrawfishWe don't actually have Crawfish here - only Crawdads, which are usually smaller and used for bait. To have a real Crawfish Boil you need to have friends show up at camp having driven from Louisiana with several ice chests of fresh Crawfish.

This happened recently. A huge cooking pot with a stand to hold it over a gas burner and a strainer that fit down inside was set up near some shade trees. Crawfish, whole potatoes, whole onions and corn on the cob were put into the strainer (along with some Louisiana Crawfish Boil spices), a lid put on the pot and everyone sat in the shade and socialized while it cooked.

A sheet of plywood was set up on some sawhorses, and as a pot finished cooking the strainer was lifted out and emptied onto it. The strainer went back into the pot to be refilled with a fresh batch, and everyone gathered around the plywood table to feast on Crawfish!

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