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I knew someone would eventually come through with a recipe for mudfish.

A reader named James sent this:

"Mudfish are good to eat if prepared properly. I prefer them to other fish.
Cut filets from the mudfish without cutting into the gut area. This is where the worst mud taste comes from. Cut the meat from skin. Now all you have is pure meat.
Soak the filets in salt water, being careful not to use too much salt. I knew one man who used too much and wound up with the fish filets falling apart. Amount of salt and time to let them soak is up to you. The salt will draw the blood out of the filets taking more of the muddy taste with it when you take the meat up and rinse in clean water. Fry them like you would other fish.

I still put this one under the heading of "I hope I never get that hungry".



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