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Tinfoil Dinner

This is the way to have a full meal with the least trouble. You can make it up beforehand, and it's the perfect thing to put on to cook while you set up camp or go explore a little.

Figure out how many you are cooking for and quantities you will want of your ingredients, then:

Lay out a piece of tinfoil large enough to wrap your ingredients. Seam it together if you need to.


• Tinfoil

• Hamburger

• Potatoes

• Corn

• Butter/margerine

• Seasoning

  1. Make a big hamburger patty. Season it with whatever you like, add onions...have it your way! Put the raw patty on your tinfoil.

  2. Clean and slice potatoes and place the slices on top of the hamburger. Might want to sprinkle on some more seasoning.

  3. Take frozen corn and pile it on top of the potatoes. Scatter a few daubs of butter/margerine throughout the corn. Little more seasoning for the corn?

  4. Some people like to slice onions over top of all, too.

Wrap it all up in the tinfoil. Add a second layer of foil just to be safe - and if you're smart you'll remember to use a little extra foil and fashion handles for moving it around in the fire while it's cooking.

Put your packet in the cooler until you have the fire built. Let the embers burn down a bit, then place your tinfoil packet right down in the coals (meat side down). There you go. You may have to move it about every so often to keep it in good coals and cook all sides evenly. In good glowing embers it should take 20-30 minutes to cook.

When you pull it from the fire all you have to do is tear a hole in the top of your tinfoil and start eating!


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