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Burnt Cypress

Burnt cypress

Burnt cypress treeThis old cypress stood alone at the edge of the river for the longest time. Some time back the open area behind it burned out and the tree was damaged too. There was a hole blasted right through the middle of it, but it managed to keep growing anyway.

Lightning is a force to reckon with during our summer storms, and solitary giants like this are prime targets for strikes.

Judy and I looked forward to seeing the tree every time we went out that way. It was always like seeing an old friend, and we were always inspired by the way it kept going despite it's wounds.

This cypress was full of beautiful textures. Look at the skin of this tree next to the charred wood of the burn and the bright blue sky!

Burnt cypress tree
Burnt cypress tree
Burnt cypress tree
Burnt cypress tree
Burnt cypress tree
Burnt cypress tree

Burn cypress tree - fallenAs you can see, over the years the tree supported fewer and fewer leaves, but it still kept going . . . until the hurricanes of 2004. After the storms we rode out to see how the marsh fared, and this is all that was left. Standing alone as it did, our old friend had no protection from the deadly winds of three hurricanes hitting one right after another.

Burn cypress tree - fallen

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