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Duckweed under Cypress

Duckweed plants float together in still areas where the current cannot tear them apart. Sometimes the wind can drive them into inch-deep layers, but though they may look like a thick, solid surface, don't try to walk on them - it just won't work! At the least pressure the plants just separate and float around the obstacle.

The current and the wind move these little plants all over the marsh, feeding and hiding water dwellers and helping to filter our drinking water.

Sometimes people see the thin layer of green that rides the surface of the marsh and think it is slime.

There are areas where there IS slime, but most of the time if you look closer you will see that it is Duckweed instead.

Duckweed is a huge gathering of tiny, tiny plants. They are like little tiny lily pads, with long trailing roots that both hold them upright and filter toxins from the water.

Duckweed under Cypress

Dipping the paddle into Duckweed you can see the roots that trail from each tiny plant.


Duckweed with Cypress Knee
Duckweed and Water Lettuce float around a Cypress knee.


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