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Alligator Princess, part 2 - A Nice Dam Ride

Michelle was planning on making a solo kayak trip the entire length of the St. Johns river.

On one ride I showed her the landmarks for the first stage of her journey, and then we made plans for another trip to see part of the second stage.

The next part of the trip was from SR-192 to the dam on Lake Washington, and farther, if we could get there.

The sunrise shone through the supports of the 192 bridge, raising the mist on the water as we set out.

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Since it was a windy day we headed right across the end of Lake Washington to ride up the west shoreline. I had not been out there since the hurricanes of 2004 and there was lots of hurricane damage to be seen.

We continued to the dam, but there is no longer a boat ramp so we were unable to go further.

Ok, we could have, but it would have been a lot of work to get back, so we didn't.

We did get out of the boat and talk with Mike, a fisherman on the dam. Mike was catching lots of little fish which he takes to a wild bird rescue group to feed to injured birds.

Mike told us an astonishing story that he had witnessed that morning. I could hardly believe it, but since then other people have told me that they witnessed the same thing.

When otters attack! There was a small sandbar a short ways from the dam. Two otters ganged up on a small alligator and killed him, dragged him up on the sandbar and ate him! It was only a 3 ft gator, but still...

The sign says "Leaving Danger Area". Too late for the alligator!

Mike said one of the otters attracted the 'gator's attention, and the other one came up from behind and bit the 'gator in the neck. Then they both jumped on him, bit him to death and ate him.

Can't you just picture an otter making faces, putting his thumbs in his ears and waggling his fingers and going "nyah, nyah!" as his buddy sneaks up from behind?

I really thought he was 'greenin' us, but others have confirmed that otters will indeed attack, kill and eat alligators. Who knew?!

Michelle has since completed her solo voyage - check out her site!

After her trip, and while the weather was still not too hot, Michelle and I decided we needed a girls campout on Mosquito Island.

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