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Tree Frogs

Tree FrogThere are many, many types of frogs in the marsh. This little guy is a tree frog. The biggest one I've ever seen was only about 2 inches long.

We started out in the Gheenoe the other week and woke up this guy who immediately lept onto my bare leg. He rode along with us until we pulled up in some water lettuce and let him out.

Frogs change their colors to fit their environment, so this guy was still flesh colored from riding on me.

Tree FrogThis tiny frogger nearly got me beat up. Judy and I had stopped at Mosquito Island for a while and a spider had chased me around. It was a big, ugly spider and it jumped on my leg several different times. Made me a little edgy.

We got back in the boat and as I drove us away I had my water bottle in my right hand. This cold, wet little frog lept on my arm and - already jumpy from the spider - I gasped, clenched my water bottle and flailed my arm wildly.

Since Judy was in front of me (in a bathing suit) my cold water splashed onto her bare back. She thought I had done it intentionally and was promising paybacks, but fortunately I was able to show her the frog and she let me live.

Tree Frog

Frogs like to hide out in the daytime in a cool shady place, including under the side rail of my boat. This pretty guy was in a big PVC pipe at the Weather Station. Tree frogs really like the cool, smooth, shady interiors of PVC pipes.

Once it gets dark the frogs find a spot that small bugs are attracted to and hunt all night.

When it rains after a long dry spell you can go outside and hear a deafening chorus of these little frogs singing their delight.

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