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Judy and the Alligator Gar

Judy and I headed out to the stand of cypress trees to have lunch. The river has been badly grassed up lately, and a layer of water lettuce covered the surface of the water under the trees.

Pulling in under the cypress.
Underneath the cypress trees is a shady spot to sit.

Judy in her seat.The water under the cypress trees isn't very deep, and we came in fast so we could get all the way up under the trees. Now, just a couple of weeks ago we had called "snake check" as we came under some trees and had actually spotted a snake in the branches overhead. Luckily we saw him before he had a chance to fall out of the tree onto our heads and freak us out.

We were being very alert for any snakes that might intend to drop on us, and so were caught completely by surprise when the attack came from below rather than above.

As I was looking up, there was a sudden splash and bump and Judy screamed. She scrambled backward into my section of the boat, still screaming, and I added a chorus of "What is it? What is it?"

I didn't know if it was a snake or a spider or if it had bit her or not, or if it was going to be after me next! Finally Judy calmed down enough to let me see what it was, and it turned out to be a little itty bitty Alligator Garfish that had jumped into her lap!

The fish in the boat.

Garfish teethAlligator Garfish have long pointy ugly snouts filled with razor-sharp teeth - which is how they got their name. They survive the worst conditions the marsh has to offer with no noticible effort.

They are generally considered trash fish that aren't fit to eat, but people who think otherwise are welcome to try these recipes. Garfish eat a lot of good game fish so they aren't very popular. Some people will kill any they catch before throwing them back into the river. This is a very small fish - I've seen Garfish that were 20lbs or more.

Judy freaks out so easily lately, but she did do a fine job of flipping the Gar out of the boat with a paddle, and we suffered little damage other than to our nerves.

Since my camera was around my neck rather than on the seat behind her it didn't get sat on...lunch was a little flattened, but edible.


Judy throw the garfish out of the boat.


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