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Turkey Creek Sanctuary

In 1977, the General Development Corporation offered a portion of Turkey Creek hammock for a wildlife preserve and put it into public trust under the management of the Audubon Society.

The Turkey Creek Sanctuary is located at:

1518 Port Malabar Blvd.,
Palm Bay, Florida.

(More info here and here.)

Welcome to Turkey Creek.
The boardwalk at Turkey Creek Sanctuary.
You can have your name engraved on a board in the boardwalk for a reasonable fee, but there is no charge to enter the Sanctuary and enjoy the sights and sounds of Florida woods.

A boardwalk rambles through tall pine trees and thick underbrush. Early in the morning the cool air and the chirping of the birds make it particularly nice to walk through, but there is also an exercise/jogging trail for the more energetic nature-lovers.

Red Berries along the trail.
Beauty Berry plants along the trail.

Ferns grow over fallen pine logs.
Ferns grow over fallen pine logs.

Palm Fronds in Sunlight.
Palm fronds make beautiful patterns in a spot of sunlight.

Oak tree by boardwalk.
Oak trees twist their way towards sunlight with mosses, air plants and lichen growing on their rough bark.

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