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Peb's Garden

My garden is just a simple backyard garden in Florida. Most of the plants I don't know the names of, but they were given to me and managed to survive in my yard, so that makes them good. Not all plants can survive in my yard. There are patches of my yard where even perriwinkles won't grow!

Pebs GardenWhen my neighborhood was built in 1960 they used the back strip of land for dumping their construction trash...old tools, tires, paint buckets, chunks of cement.... Then when the other houses were completed they decided they could put a layer of fill dirt over the trash and build 7 more houses. I am the proud owner of one of those houses.

But this is Florida, and if you have a little dirt and plenty of water *something* will grow! Different flowers bloom at different times, and storms, drought and hurricanes have had their effect, but the plants and animals in the garden keep going in their own ways.

Click the links to see photo galleries of my flowers, the wildlife in the garden, and my pond, garden tub and mosaics.

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