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After the Storms - Garden Damage

My garden used to be lush and green and shady. You can see photos of many of my flowers here. Then came 2004 - the hurricane season that we will never forget.

Here are some photos of my house and garden taken right before hurricane Charley. Charley didn't do any damage, but roll over the photo to see what it looked like right after hurricane Frances.

The front yard.

My front yard - it's a tiny little cottage, but the shade trees and garden made it nice.

The wind came from the back of the house, so the lattice work was spared and the front of the house was sheltered enough for the dog to make bathroom breaks. The cat wasn't having any part of it.

The side yard.

This tree on the north side of the house is leaning towards the camera because of hurricane Erin, many years before. I looked out the window during the storm and saw it leaning even more, and being rocked by gusts of wind.

I knew it wasn't going to make it.

Side and back yard.

The same side yard from the opposite direction.

The round Ficus tree by the back door hand been blown over, too, but I got it staked back up before taking the "after" photo.

The shed

My shed was old and rusty, but it did keep my yard tools dry.

Luckily all the trees missed the house, but this tree did land on the shed - at least it kept it from blowing away like so many others did!

Back yard.

The back yard is where I have - or HAD - the garden tub to cool off in, shade cloth overhead for shade, and most of my flowering plants.

Back fenceline.

The banana trees had a pod of bananas just getting ready to fruit.

It didn't help anything that there is a huge construction project going on right behind my house. The raw sand sandblasted the house and garden.

The patio area.

My patio area, looking south.

The patio.

My patio area, looking north.

The framework held in there really well.

The garden tub with waterfall

The garden tub, with waterfall. It's great for cooling off on a hot day, and my nephew loves playing in my "little pool".

The fire pit on the patio

The fire pit, for cookouts.

Last tree standing.

Here's what is left of my last shade tree. It lost a few large branches, and the top broke off, but I may still get a little shade out of it this summer.

I survived hurricane season 2004
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