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Storm Preparation - Car

If you don't have a garage, do not purchase a new car the day before a hurricane is due to strike. I did this once, and I had a very sleepless night of it. Bad, bad idea.

Gas up - Do this well before the storm hits. You don't want to be waiting in a long line when it's time to evacuate, or standing in the rain to fill the tank. If evacuating, keep in mind you may be caught in heavy traffic - check the oil, tires, water, spare tire, etc.

<<< SideNote: Before hurricanes Frances and Jeanne, local gas stations ran out of gas two days before the storm and gas was not available for several more days after the storms had passed. Gas up early! >>>

Amazingly, with trees coming down in all directions, my car was untouched in 2004.
Shelter - When putting away the loose items from the yard, leave room in the garage for the car.

Pack - If it looks like you might need to evacuate, pack the car as soon as reasonably possible. This is another thing you don't want to be doing in the rain. If taking a pet with you, get its kennel or cage and supplies packed, too.

Paperwork - Auto club membership, insurance... just in case your house is blown away, take whatever documentation you may need either on your trip or to put in a claim on your car.

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