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Storm Preparation - Computer

Backup - Backup any files you want to keep. I use a CD burner to backup everything on the hard drive. Two sets are better than one, then you can keep one with you and send one to a remote location. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BACKUPS IN THE HOUSE WHEN YOU EVACUATE. I pack all my most important CDs in a carry case and include it in my evacuation kit.

Bag it - Unplug all power cords and put them, along with all electronics equipment, up on the table. Cover all equipment with heavy-duty trash bags - they won't help if the roof caves in, but for minor leaks it can save your equipment.

Photographs - Photograph all your equipment. If you use a digital camera these photos can be included in your backup CDs.

Server Backup - If you have server space, upload computer photos and information (software and hardware serial numbers) to the server.

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