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Tropical Storm Fay

August 2008 - Though it never became a hurricane, Tropical Storm Fay brought huge amounts of rain to central Florida.

At first the forecasted paths had the storm missing our area, but then it suddenly aimed right for us.

Projected Path of Tropical Storm Fay
Projected Path of Tropical Storm Fay
I went to bed one night with the projected path a comfortable distance away.

Actual Path of Tropical Storm Fay
Actual Path of Tropical Storm Fay
When I woke the next morning the path had changed, heading directly for my house.

Instead of moving along as it should, this storm stalled out right over top of Melbourne for a couple of days and dumped an incredible amount of water - about 24-30 inches.

My house faired pretty well. I had some tree branches down and a few roof leaks, but at least I didn't flood.

Tree that didn't land on car.
The car had been closer to the house. There is an awning that I did not put down over the window that caught the weight of the branch, keeping it from landing on the hood of my car. I carefully backed out from under before getting my camera.
Standing water
There was standing water in my yard, and the gutter out front was ankle deep. Luckily the rain stopped before it got any higher. Much better than so many in town who have hauled all their furniture and carpeting to the curb because of flooding.

Not having enough sense to stay home out of the rain, I took a drive to meet some friends.

This was the day after the main storm, but the rain was still coming down in buckets!

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