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There are colonies of these frogs in various places around the garden. This particular one lives with 4 or 5 of his friends or family under an airconditioner. There is another group clustered around a light fixture in the eaves of the roof.

They stay in a protected, shady area during the day and come out at night to eat.

One prefers a hanging clay pot. Cuban Tree Frog in clay pot Cuban Tree Frog in clay pot

One frog likes to sleep on top of a small windchime. I always wondered how he managed to get in there, and one morning I finally saw.
Cuban Tree Frog on windchimes
Cuban Tree Frog in rafters
Starting out on the top rafter (1), the frog leapt across the open space to land on the windchimes, clinging to the strings (2).
A few wriggles, and the frog manages to get in between the strings to the flat area on top of the windchime (3). Cuban Tree Frog on windchimes

Cuban Tree Frog on windchimes
Once he is in position he has a nice, shady spot where he can catch a breeze as he gently swings on the windchimes (4).

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