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The Garden Tub

I had enjoyed my fishpond, but I was desperate for a place to cool off and a little tired of mucking out the fishpond and filter.

So I threw the minnows back in the river and started building a garden tub for my own use.

I used the original fishpond bottom structure, added cinder blocks, coquina and anything else I could find to build up the sides, and used ceramic tiles to make flower patterns on the tub.

The Garden Tub

This was a pretty low-budget project, with money being spent only on cement and a pump. I got the tile by going around to tile shops asking for their throw-aways - broken pieces, discontinued stock, old samples...Judy laughed at me again, but within a week I had a couple of trunkloads of free tile.

See my Step-by-Step progress here.

The completed tub is as large as a spa, and has two broad, shallow steps leading down.

Water is recirculated through a pump that feeds back into the pond by way of a small Boy-on-Dolphin statue.

I used more tiles to put mosaics on some small tables. And the firepit. And a little stool.

The pond

Before too long, I decided that I really needed a waterfall feature, and redirected the water through the bottom of a large clay pot. Now the water falls over several little ledges and into the tub, making a lovely sound and cooling the air.

The pond

The pond

The tub is now a cool place to rinse off after doing yard work, and a pleasant place to sit with friends and listen to music and chat.

My nephew loves to splash and play in my "little pool", and everyone's dogs jump in whenever they are here.

The garden tub with waterfall

This is a picture of the patio right before the Hurricanes of 2004.

Roll over the photo to see what it looked like the next day. Click here to see more storm damage photos.

Between the hurricanes and the construction project out back, the garden has suffered a lot of damage, but it is slowly being brought back into shape.

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