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Telling outrageous stories to gullible people just to see how much they will believe. Example: "I was just 'greenin' him about that, I didn't know he would actually try it!"

Holey Joe

A large, manilla envelope used for inter-departmental transfer of paperwork. It has holes punched all over it's surface (hence the name), and is pre-printed with address blocks in a 2 column grid on both sides of the envelope. It can be used over and over - a great savings in an office environment.

Kicker Boat

There are basically three kinds of boats:

Airboat - Moves by means of an aircraft engine and propeller, skims over very shallow water.

Kicker boat - A boat with a motor on it - also called a "motor boat". Rather than skimming the surface of the water, it moves by means of an underwater propeller which "kicks" it along.

Paddle boat - For example a canoe or kayak - it requires physical exertion and the use of paddles to move it along.

Lemon Drops

Take a wedge of lemon and sprinkle sugar on it. Bite into it, and while your ears are still puckered, drink a shot of Smirnoff. Bite into the lemon again.

Note: These are also called "Women Drops" because of what can happen when they are consumed without restraint. Remember, it's a long swim back to camp.

Mating season

Mating season, as referred to in these notes, shall refer to ALLIGATOR mating season, not any personal schedules.

Mating season is primarily in May and June. Like a group of randy teenagers, Alligators get quite aggressive at this time, wandering farther than normal and acting temperamental.

In all the years I've had my boat on the river I've only had an alligator act aggressively once. He was charging towards my boat broadside in the middle of the river. It was mating season, and he was the same size, shape and color as my boat, so I'm not really sure of his intentions, but I was concerned.

I was already going as fast as I could and he was closing fast, so outrunning him wasn't an option. I turned towards him and rev'ed my little 3hp engine like I was big and bad. He went under and (thank you thank you thank you) didn't come back up.

It is best to avoid 'gators during this time.

Mud daubers

These are large wasp-looking insects. Some people say they don't even have a stinger, and I have never been stung by one, but something that looks so wicked gets a lot of respect.

They get their name because of the way they build their nests. They find a sheltered place (like the Weather Station) and collect bits of mud from the riverbank and daub it (get it?) into shape to make a place to hatch their young.

The Weather Station is full of mud dauber nests, but every now and then the water management guys scrape them off the walls and ceilings so they have to start all over again. Doesn't seem to slow them down too much.

Trot line

A trot line is a long, strong cord with hooks hanging down at 1 yard intervals. The line is strung across a river channel so that all fish passing through that channel will pass near one of the hooks and, hopefully, stop for a bite.

See this page for instructions on making and running a trot line.


Much used in the South, this literally translates as "you all", meaning you and whoever is with you, as in:
"Do y'all want to go for a boat ride?"

Sometimes for clarification "all y'all" will be used:
"Did all y'all want to go on the same boat?"

(in this case meaning "Are you sure you don't want to leave someone behind who can notify your next of kin?")

"Y'all's" is plural possessive:
"Is that y'all's car sliding down the bank into the river?"

As with "y'all", sometimes the "all" is added:
"All y'all's kids can swim, can't they?"

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