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Wally's Pad
While I may enhance a photo to sharpen the contrast or brighten the color to optimize it for the web, these photos are of Florida nature in a pristine condition. I do not edit out trash or billboards or power lines...because they aren't there. Sometimes we see a piece of trash that has blown out of a boat and we go out of our way to pick it up, but mostly the people who visit the marsh treat it with respect.

Those who don't are encouraged to take their nasty selves elsewhere.

Hi! Welcome to the MarshBunny Notes!

Peb in the cypress
I am your MarshBunny, Peb - and these are my notes about the plants, animals, weather and water of the St. Johns River marshlands.

The St. Johns river begins in the broad marshlands just south of my area in Central Florida.

The river flows very slowly for 310 miles North to Jacksonville, where it empties into the ocean. Come with me and my friend Judy and explore the waterways and marshlands while staying safely out of the reach of alligators ... learn about the Deep South without ever stepping on a snake ... see beautiful birds and lush landscapes with no exposure to poison ivy or chigger bites ... stroll thru a garden that never needs weeding - and the ants live in someone elses yard!
definition of a MarshBunny.

A pin sticking in the map will mark the location of the current story.

Things You Should Know - Who, where and what.
MarshBunny Greeting
MarshBunny Greeting
This link will bring you back to this page.
Glossary Glossary
Definitions of some words and phrases you may not be familiar with.
You Are Here
You Are Here
Where exactly are we?
River Stories - Photos and stories about life on the St. Johns river.
River Stories
There are a variety of boats on the water and a variety of ways to have fun in them.
Longtime landmarks on the river, like the
Union Cypress
Birds, alligators, frogs and more!
Things to see on the river -
with a whole section of wildflowers.
How to Make a Trot Line
How to Make a Trot Line
Step-by-step instructions and tips.
Also: Running a Trot Line
River Recipes
River Recipes - Need to fry up some 'gator tail? Got a craving for swamp cabbage? Here are a few recipes you can make and enjoy.
All Florida, all the time - The marsh is not the only beautiful part of Florida!
Photography by Peb
Photography by Peb - Some of my best photos of the marsh, garden, and Florida scenery.
A Walk in the Woods
A Walk in the Woods - Sometimes we leave the boat at camp and take a walk in the piney woods or a stroll through a park.
Peb's Garden
Peb's Garden - Stroll thru my Florida garden and enjoy the flowers.
The Intercoastal...and beyond!
The InterCoastal...and Beyond! - 10 miles east of Camp Holly you reach the Intercoastal Waterway, the barrier islands and the Atlantic ocean.
Trouble in Paradise - Even the best places have their problems.
Hurricane! Hurricane! - Look here for survival and preparation tips, info on past storms and some local folklore.
51L - the Challenger Disaster
51-L - The Challenger Disaster
A terrible day on the Space Coast.
Shopping and Freebies ...and things that make you go "Hmmm..."
MarshBunny Gift Shop
Real Florida Gifts - the official gift shop for MarshBunny Tshirts, posters, prints, mugs, mousepads, calendars and much, much more!
Fables & Philosophy
Fables and Philosophy - Short fables that in some strange way express my philosophy of life.
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