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The Florida Keys, 2011

My birthday is not always fun. For instance, in 2004 friends had to move up a planned birthday party because everyone was evacuating town ahead of a hurricane. I got four sets of windchimes among my gifts, and we were hit by four hurricanes. I still like windchimes, just not as birthday gifts.

This year was the best birthday ever! Several friends and I pooled our resources and loaded up our vehicles with kayaks, snorkels, bathing suits, floaties, food and drink and headed south - to the Florida Keys. Abby checking tires

Maggie in front of Judy's rental truckMikes truck full of kayaks

We nearly needed a fourth vehicle just to haul Maggies lotions and shoes, but we managed to make everything fit!Maggies lotionsEven though it was Labor Day weekend, we found good motel rates in Florida City. We stayed there the first three nights, exploring a little further south each day.

The rooms were comfortable and well air-conditioned and the pool was right outside our doors. The first night it rained a lot, so we just settled into our room with a couple of pizzas, a bottle of Vodka, and a deck of Uno cards. We had everything we needed for a good time!

Sunset by the pool
Sunset by the pool.

Mike and his Harem
Mike and his harem.

Bedtime for Abby and Maggie

Apparently there were things going on in the parking lot every night - yelling, banging on doors, drunks partying by the pool - but we were so wore out we always slept right through it all.

Morning in Florida City
Getting ready to start a new day of adventure!

Each night we fell into bed exhausted, and each morning we slept in a little later and it took a few more cups of coffee to get us moving.

Our first day out we headed for Key Largo and Islamorada, looking for a good place to kayak and snorkel...

Florida Keys
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