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The Gheenoe at the end of a Canal.In need of a day away from computers, family, housework and telephones, Judy and I loaded sandwiches, Smirnoff, lemon wedges and other necessities into the Gheenoe. The wind was blowing hard, and severe weather was expected for the afternoon, so instead of going on the river itself, we decided to ride the Sweetwater Canal...

The line of trees on the levy kept the wind from hitting us on the east-west canal. The temperature was in the low 80's. For it being the dead of winter, thats not so bad.

We saw very few small alligators, but LOTS of birds, turtles, fish, etc. The canal was really jumping!

Still Water

The sky was mostly overcast all day, with brilliant blue patches breaking through every now and then.

The Cabbage Palm Island

This clump of cabbage palms is sometimes an island, sometimes not. We were lucky today. The water being way down, there was lots of dry ground to walk around on.

We had our lunch here, sitting in the shade and leaning back against a palm tree.

A few airboaters were out enjoying the day, too.

A mound of Cabbage PalmsWe saw a snake crossing the canal at one point, but didn't get concerned until it occurred to us that he must have started out on our side. A little too late to worry about it then!

We couldn't tell what kind he was, but if he was a Cottonmouth he was a small one. I have heard that the baby's venom is more concentrated and deadly than the adults, so a small size doesn't necessarily mean it is less dangerous.

A mound of Cabbage Palms

Florida is very flat, so the mound of dirt this clump of Cabbage Palms is growing on is the closest thing we have to a hillside. The dirt (sand, actually) is dredged up to create the canals. The canals are created to help drain some of the flat marshland so cattle can range and farmers can grow crops.

<<< SideNote: I always feel bad for the cattle out there, trudging through the swamp. I have seen a line of cattle going through an area where the water only appeared to be about 4 inches deep - but with every step they would sink into the muck up to chest level. They would pull a foot out with a great sucking sound, step forward, and sink again.

If you are driving an airboat you want to be cautious when approaching cows with a bull in the herd. Bulls have been known to charge an airboat to protect their cows. The airboat can speed away, of course - assuming you have someplace to go. >>>

After a few Lemon Drops we went looking for alligators. (Proof that drinking doesn't make you smarter.)


It is tremendously hard to sneak up on an alligator in a small, slow boat,
so we ended up just cruising, drinking Lemon Drops, and watching birds all day.

Snowy EgretIbis
GallinuleSmall Blue Heron

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