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'Gator Catching

Two Darwin Award candidates invited me to ride with them one evening. Their airboat was powerful enough to carry the three of us over all kinds of terrain and we had a lot of fun roaring all over the place. Then the guys announced they wanted to catch 'gators.

Airboat on Little Sawgrass

I told them I didn't want to kill or clean anything, but I was willing to point one out, cook it, and help eat it. They explained that they had no intention of killing the gators - only catching them.

Turns out, this is a good event for the "Stupid Contest".

The goal of the contest is to see who can successfully get the largest 'gator into (and back out of) the airboat.

Here's how it goes:

One guy drives and the other kneels in the bottom of the airboat. They spot a likely 'gator and the driver roars up alongside it while the guy in the bottom of the boat leans over the side, grabs the 'gator with his bare hands, and pulls it into the bottom of the boat with him. (The entire 'gator has to be in the boat to qualify.) Then he throws the 'gator back into the river and takes his turn driving as the other guy grabs the next 'gator.

Ever notice how it's never women who think up these games?

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