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Michelle was planning on making a solo kayak trip the entire length of the St. Johns river. In searching the internet for information on my part of the river she kept coming up with the MarshBunny Notes.

She contacted me to see if I could advise her on the trail and landmarks, and we met on the river one day.

We went in my boat as far as Lake Hell 'n' Blazes and I was able to tell her where to find the hunting cabins on Bulldozer canal and point out landmarks to guide her way across the lakes.

I really envied Michelle her proposed trip on the river, but we had a very nice ride and exchanged a lot of 'river stories'.

I had also made plans to take Ed Vosatka back out to the Union Cypress rail that day, so Michelle kayaked out to Mosquito Island while I rode back in to pick up Ed.

Michelle was able to learn more lore of the river from Ed as he winched the rail up out of the water, and took her turns cutting the rail.

These are two funny people and we had lunch, cut the rail, and laughed our behinds off!

At the end of the day Michelle headed back across Lake Sawgrass in her kayak as I took Ed and the rail back in my boat. After dropping Ed off I went back to be sure Michelle had made it in and was treated to a beautiful sunset!

Michelle and I made plans to meet again to show her the next leg of her journey.



Michelle has since completed her voyage - check out her site!


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