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Dragonfly on hat

Skimmers, Darners, Damselflies...all are varieties of the Dragonfly. The one shown here is a Green Darner - one of the fastest and biggest dragonflies. We also call dragonflies "Skeeter-Eaters" for the vast quantity of mosquitos they eat. This eating habit makes them well loved by folk who live in Florida. They also eat Mud Daubbers, which surprises many people, but I have seen it happen, so I know it's true.

DragonflyDragonflies are everywhere in the marsh. Sometimes they will fly along near the boat - larger species can fly at 25 - 30 mph, which is faster than my little boat will go! The Darners seem to be more sociable than the skimmers and will often land on us and get a free ride for a while.

Sometimes you will see a stand of reeds with a dragonfly sitting on the tip of each reed, swaying in the breeze.


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