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Bird Island

Water birds will take over secluded spots to create their nesting islands.
In full season, a nesting island will be a solid mass of white from a distance, and a riot of squawks and cheeps close up.

Their islands seldom have actual dry ground - just a clump of tree tops surrounded by a somewhat protective moat of river.... Only "somewhat", though. Alligators like to lurk in the water under the nests and take care of the weak and stupid.

As more people move into their areas the birds have to travel farther and farther to establish their islands. There used to be several nesting islands within a days ride of camp, now I don't know of a single one.

Mother and Nest


These particular birds are cattle egret (a.k.a. "cowbirds"). They are the ones you see hanging out with the cattle in the fields. The cows let the birds ride around on them and eat the parasites that infest them.

In Florida you will tolerate quite a bit from anything that will eat a bug!

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